1970                   August 17th, born in Budapest;

“…Tamás Baráz has been present in Hungarian art life with his works since the 1990s. His sculptures are mainly made by the classical taking-away method. They are carved in granite or basalt, and sometimes some stainless steel parts are added. The Baráz-sculptures combine the hand-made and the machine-made features in one. Whatever the case may be: traditional creation or modern technical achievements, the works always represents precision, and perfection on a nearly ideal scale.
The interference of forms and the alternation of shiny and matte surfaces play a significant role in the conjunction of square and soft, curvy forms making up a relatively homogeneous and coherent mass basically  created according to the laws of geometric stress. It also plays a significant role in the sculpture world built up according to the regular form systems.
 Above all that, the Baráz-works, beyond their plastic mass and their place cut out of space for them, they also function as light traps and instruments of self-place identification or localization by light. They create physical and theoretical relations by offering the medium of optical events for the viewer…”
                                                                                                       Tibor Wehner


                / Grand prize of the Salon SNBA 2012,
                Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2009        1st Prize of limited competition of the
                Monument of Work-service in the II. World War
2008        1st Prize of national sculpture competition of
                Haydn-Esterhazy with Apolka Eros
2008        Munkácsy Mihály Prize,
                State merit of honour of the Hungarian government
2004        1st Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
                at the exhibition „DLA+DLA”
2002        1st Prize of the Art and Freeculture Foundation at
               „Spring Show" of Galéria 13, Bp.
2001        „Grass” Prize of „Grass-Wood-Flower” Budapest, 
2001         3rd Prize of Biennial of Small Sculpture, Pécs,
2000        Quality Award of the Biennial of Fine Arts Csepel
1997        Providencia Fine Art Competition Award
1996        Walz Foundation Award Ist Prize
1992        Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture
1992        Scholarship of the Soros Foundation
1991        ELIA  / Europian league of Institutes of the Art /  III.


2012       Queen of the seven arts /granite/ 290 x 350 x 125
               Mosan Art Museum, Boryeong, South Korea
2010       Train of the seven arts /mild steel/ 7300 x 1250 x 1520
               Rama Shankar Collection, Gwalior, India
2010       Thinking sculptor / marble / 310 x 250 x 70
               Adana, Turkey
2010       Thinker / stainless steel / 250 x 150 x 55
               Istanbul, Turkey
2009       Monument of the work-service of the II World War,
                / mixed media / 12000 x 8000 x 3300
               Bethlen square, Budapest, Hungary
2007       The kiss, / marble of Carrara / 40 x 30 x 25
               Collection of Dr. Gábor Fegyveres Fiskál
2007       Philosophical head ~ Queen of the seven arts,
               / marble of Mula / 330 x 265 x 66
               Akdeniz Universty, Antalya, Turkey
2007       Paralells, / marble of  Afyon / 300 x 140 x 120
               Mersin, Turkey
2006       Creator and Artist, / marble, led /  26 x 20 x 16
               Dunajská Streda (Slovakia)
               Contemporary Hungarian Gallery
2006       Monument of the 1956 Hungarian revolution,
               /bronze, limestone/305 x 220 x 160
               Dombóvár, Hungary
2004       The Perfect Ship, /sandstone/ 270 x 210 x 130
               Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary
2003        Register, / dry clay / 70 x 30 x 24
                Siklós, Hungary
2002        Tolerance II, / marble / 38 x 26 x 12
                Collection of the Granite Italy Ltd.
                Dunaharaszty, Hungary
2001        Column for the Millenium, /granite/ 250 x 145 x 270
                Budapest, Hungary
1998        Green torso, / green marble / 12 x 23 x 28
                Unknown private collection,  Hungary
1997        Sails, / grey granite / 80 x 62 x 40
                Unknown private collection, Ulm, Germany
1996        Torso, / red marble / 40 x 32 x 24
                Deschler Collection, Ulm, Germany
1996        White sails, / marble / 44 x 37 x 28
                Deschler Collection, Ulm, Germany
1996        Red boy, / red marble / 16 x 26 x 44
                Collection of the 21st district Municipality,
                Budapest, Hungary
1995        Torso, / green marble / 12 x 10 x 35
                Visi Collection, Budapest, Hungary
1995        Torso, /marble, wood / 58 x 36 x 118
                Visi Collection, Budapest, Hungary
1994        Lurker in landscape, / belgian blue stone / 52 x 34 x 26
                Konnenkleik Academy, Graven Haag, The Netherlands
1992        Perfect Ship,  / bronze / 74 x 26 x 29
                OHIO State University, Colombus , OHIO, U.S.A.
1992        In the shade, / bronze, glass / 52 x 48 x 14
                OHIO State University, Colombus , OHIO, U.S.A.
1991        Rider, / granite /  90 x 45 x 80
                Quartu San Elena, Italy


2009-           Chairman of the Hungarian Sculptors Society
2006-2009   Vice President of the Hungarian Sculptors Society
2001-           Member of the Hungarian Sculptors Society
1998-           Member of the Hungarian Sculptor Association
1993-2005   Member of the Association of Young Artists, Hungary

2002-2006 University of Arts and Sciences of Pécs, Master
                  School of Fine Arts, Training of Doctor of
                  Liberal Arts, Faculty of Stonework
                  Sculptural Arts at Professor: István Bencsik  
1996-98    Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts , Master School
                  of Fine Arts,  Faculty of Sculptural Arts
1990-96     Academy of Fine Arts of Hungary, Faculty of
                  Sculptural Art,  at Master: Ádám Farkas
1987-90     Secondary School of Fine Arts in Budapest
                   Faculty of Sculptural Arts
1984-87     Professional Circle of Railwaymen, with the
                   leading of sculptor master: Károly Kirchmayer
1980-83     Circle of Fine Arts in Csepel, with the leading
                  of  graphic artist: Ádám Misch


2010        "Axis in Hungarian Sculpture" Miskolc
2010        ,Modern Hungarian Sculture 2010", Szeged
2010        „Art Geometria”  Hungarian Institute of Culture,
                Rome, ITALY
2010        „ Art Geometria”  Zichy Castle,  Budapest
2009        „Art Industriel Futuro”  exhibition of the Hungarian
               Sculptor Society, Dunaujvaros
2009       „Deduction”  Sculpture Biennial of Szentendre
2008       „Sculptures & small sculptures”  exhibition
              of the Hungarian Sculptor Society, Esztergom
2008      „Silcate technics in sculpture” exhibition of the
              Hungarian Sculptor Society,  Kaposfüred
2007      "XXth Biennial of Small Sculpture"  Pécs
2007      "3rd. Biennial of Contemporary Christian
              Iconography" Kecskemét
2007      “Introduction” Exhibition of the Society of
              Hungarian Sculptors, Gyöngyöspata
2007       “Selection of Modern Hungarian Gallery” Pécs
2007       “ Exhibition of the 5. International Hüseyin Gezer
               sympozium” Mersin, TURKEY
2007       „Magie” exhibition of the  Hungarian Sculptor
               Society, Szentendre
2005       „XIXth Biennial of Small Sculpture”  Pécs
2004       „Ancient times”  Budapest, Csepel Gallery
2004       „DLA+DLA”  Budapest, Hungarian Academy
              of Fine Arts
2004       „ Hungarian Sculptor Society”
              Kaposfüredi Gallery
2004       „Xth.” Hungarian Sculptor Society,
              Szombathelyi Palace of Art
2004      „Biennial of Fine Arts” Budapest, Csepel Gallery
2004       „Stones” Budapest, Kék Iskola Gallery
2003       „Exhibition of the Society of Hungarian Sculptors”
              Vigadó, Bp.
2003       „ 50th Autumn Show” Hódmezővásárhely
2003       „DLA  Exhibition„ Pécs
2003       „ XVIIIth Biennial of Small Sculpture” Pécs
2003       „ Exhibition of the Society of Hungarian
              Sculptors” Trencsény, Slovakia
2002        „ Spring Show” Gallery 13, Bp.
2002       „The Exhibition of the Society of Hungarian
              Sculptors" Dunaszerdahely-Komárno, SLOVAKIA
2002       „Art Expo Fresh 2002” Mill of Fine Art,
2002       „ Ist Biennial of Contemporary Christian
              Iconography”,  Kecskemét
2002      „Exhibition of the Federation of Hungarian
             Sculptors” Millenáris Park, Bp.
2001      XVIIth Biennial of Small Sculpture, Pécs.
2001      Annual Exhibition of the Society of Hungarian
              Sculptors, House of Hungarians, Bp.,  Győr.
2001       „From here and beyond Sculpture”
               Palace of Art, Bp.
2001       „Grass-Wood-Flower”Agricultural Museum, Bp.
2000        Biennial of Fine Arts, Gallery Csepel, Bp.
1999        „ Mill of Fine Art- CAST IRON’’ , Szentendre.
1999        Small Stone Sculpture ’99, Rákoshegy , Bp.
1998        Gallery Dovin , Bp.
1998        „ Hungarian Saloon’’ Palace of Art, Bp.
1998        Biennial of Fine Arts, Gallery Csepel, Bp.
1997        The Work of Art of the Month, AFAH., Bp.
1997        XVth Biennial of Small Sculpture, Pécs
1996        „Látszóház” Meeting points of Architecture
               and Sculpture, Technical University,  Bp.
1996        Biennial of Fine Arts, Gallery Csepel, Bp.
1994-      Studio of Young Artists, Regular Annual Exh, Bp.
1994       „ CROSS-ROADS’’ London, ENGLAND
1993       „ Fare Arte in Sadegna’’ Quartu San Elena, ITALY
1992        Larkins Hall, Columbus, OHIO, U.S.A.
1991       Gallery Water-tower, Bp.
1991        „Renovation’’ Palace of Art, Bp.
1991        European League of Institutes of Art, selection of the
                Academy  of Fine Arts of Hungary (AFAH), Bp.
1990        Introduction of the AFAH in France,
               Institute of Hungary, Paris, FRANCE


2007          Serbian Church, Balassagyarmat, Hungary
2004           „Baráz-Erős-Sipos” Budapest, Kék Iskola Gallery
2004           Tata, Castle of Tata, Museum Kuny Domonkos
2003           „Gallery ’13 Soroksár” Budapest

1991           House of Culture Havana, Bp.